Homecity Detroit

We've officially launched in Detroit with three programs: two dinner series (3-Week and 6-Week) and an activity series. Check out our FAQ page and direct any questions to hello@homecity.us!

6-Week Dinner Series

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Notes: This dinner series will help you explore food in Detroit. We'll meet in restaurants and unique locations in different Detroit neighborhoods. You don't need to be a "foodie," to enjoy this, you just need to love eating. 

Sample events: Taco crawl, pierogi extravaganza, brewery tours, pho night, bread-making workshop, breakfast for dinner

Frequency: Once per week

Cost: $125

3-Week Dinner Series 

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Notes: This dinner series is very similar to the 6-Week Dinner Series, but condensed in half the time! Select this option if you're excited to be in Detroit and want to learn and explore quickly!

Sample events: West African cooking class, progressive ice cream tasting, chopped-style cook off, distillery tours, make your own pizza night 

Frequency: Twice per week

Cost: $125

6-Week Activity Series 

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Notes: This event series has a variety of activities. A bit of the outdoors, a bit of the arts, and lots of exploring different neighborhoods. Tell us what you like, and we'll shape the program around the group's interests!

Sample events: Canal kayaking tour, MOGO vs. Bird Scavenger hunt, Fowling tournament, Mural tour, Belle Isle Hike 

Frequency: Once per week

Cost: $195